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Ease into deep relaxation with our custom blend CBD bath salts.


Salt soaks are beneficial for relieving achy muscles & joints, as well as assisting the body's natural detoxification process. They are also deeply calming to the nervous system & promote restful sleep and clear, glowing skin. This product is THC-free. 


Scent - Italian Citrus is a combination of fragrant citruses that you find on the Mediterranean including Blood Orange and Bergamot for an uplifting blend which balances mental energy.   


We only use pure, high-quality essential oils in our artisan blends (never artificial fragrances which are neural disruptors and counterproductive for improving wellness).


Ingredient Gems: 


  • Himalayan Salt - Considered the purest form of salt in the world. Mineral-rich, Himalayan salts contain Magnesium Sulphate, Potassium and Calcium which help relax muscles, soothe inflammation, improve circulation and reduce pain. 


  • Italian Blood Orange - Mentally uplifting, Blood Orange is naturally de-stressing, eases nervous tension and promotes a happy mood. 


  • Bergamot - Known for its distinctive smoky, green citrus scent, bergamot’s antibacterial qualities keep skin clean and also balance sebum production.


  • Lavender - Deeply relaxing and mentally soothing, Lavender is also antibacterial and contains high amounts of linalool known for improving sleep quality. 
  • CBD -  Known for its pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory qualities, CBD is also antioxidant-rich and soothes skin irritations.


Directions: Add 1/4-1/2 cup to bath water. Rinse after soaking to remove mineral residue from skin.

1/4 cup= 50mg of CBD/200mg total CBD per container


Ingredients: Pink Himalayan Salt, Italian Blood Orange*, Lemon*, Bergamot*, Lavender*, CBD Isolate*, Dried Rose Petals* & Calendula Flowers*. *=Certified Organic / THC-Free.


This product is made with 100% clean & green beauty ingredients. It is vegan, organic and non-toxic, free from synthetics, fragrances and artificial anything. 




Caution: Do not use on open wounds, rash/hives or skin infections. Keep out of reach of children.  Consult your physician before use. The statements about these products have not been evaluated by the FDA; these products are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.  


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