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What is it?
CBD stands for cannabidiol, a naturally-occurring compound and one of many phytocannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. The CBD we use in our products comes from organic hemp, which does not contain more than .3% THC, the legal limit. We also offer THC-free products made with CBD isolate.
Will CBD get me high?
No, CBD is non-intoxicating.  THC is the compound with intoxicating effects.
Should I choose a Full Spectrum product or a THC-free product?
A Full Spectrum product contains CBD and up to .3 % THC, the legal limit, and does increase the overall effectiveness of CBD in your body. Not only does our organic Full Spectrum extract contain CBD, THC, and a whole range of cannabinoids and terpenes, you are getting all of the nutrients from the whole plant which actually work together to give you more benefits.   This synergistic asset is called the “entourage effect”. 
A THC-free product can be beneficial if you do not want any THC in your system or if you do not like the taste and smell of cannabis. 
Can I fail a drug test?
There is a possibility that you could fail a drug test when taking any full spectrum product.  If you are not able to have THC in your system, we have CBD Isolate products available which are a THC-free alternative.
Is CBD safe for pets?
Yes, CBD has been shown to be a helpful, safe and effective treatment for our pets as well.  We suggest a similar dosing method when administering for pets, 1-2 drops at first, low and slow, and adding more as needed.  


How much do I take?
We suggest you start low and slow:  2-3 drops, 2-3 times daily, and gradually increase (every few days/week) until you experience a relief in your symptoms.  A dropperful is a general dose. A variety of factors will affect your individualized dose including weight, metabolism and the symptoms you are treating.  Be consistent; it can take up to four weeks to feel the full effects of CBD. 
Why take CBD under your tongue (sublingually) versus in a food or beverage?
Under your tongue is one of the quickest most effective ways to get CBD into your system.  If it is ingested in a food or beverage it passes through your digestive system and will take longer to take effect.  You may also need to take more if you are ingesting it.  It is largely a personal preference how you’d like to take your CBD.  
CBD is by nature fat-soluble (which is why it is well-suited to a carrier oil which allows it to be more easily absorbed).   

Which medications interact with CBD?
Please check directly with your physician about any possible medication interactions.

Please note that any drug that is advised not to be consumed with grapefruit, should not be consumed with CBD, as both similarly inhibit the metabolic process.

Why does it help?/How does CBD work in the body?
Our bodies have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) with cannabinoid receptors throughout our body.  The ECS is a biochemical communication system which helps regulate various bodily systems.  CBD stimulates these receptors which directs our own body to adjust itself back into balance, or homeostasis.

Adaptogen - An plant that helps the body adapt to stress and maintain inner balance.  Adaptogens work best if taken in small but consistent doses daily.  
Botanicals - Plants, flowers and herbs: all-natural substances which can be added to a finished product.
Full Spectrum -  A hemp extract made from the whole-plant containing all its nutrients which include a range of cannabinoids: CBD, THC, and many others, as well as flavonoids, terpenes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids.  Full Spectrum has an earthy, herbaceous aroma and tastes of the natural plant usually with a slightly spicy undertone.  Full Spectrum CBD is more effective in the body than isolated CBD due to something called the “entourage effect” where the cannabinoids actually assist each other to be more beneficial in the body.  
Broad Spectrum - Similar to full spectrum, Broad Spectrum contains the full range of whole-plant nutrients minus the THC, a great option for people who want the added benefits of the plant, but choose not to take THC.  
CBD Isolate - Is the pure and isolated CBD molecule, with all other parts of the plant removed (THC-free).  An excellent ingredient unto itself, Isolate also does not have the smell and taste of cannabis, making it ideal for those who do not like it/or as an addition to food/beauty products.  
Terpenes - Organic compounds found in flowers and plants (including cannabis) which give a plant its aroma and flavor.  These aromatic oils give both cannabis and other botanicals their unique signature scent which we respond to viscerally as well as chemically.  They have therapeutic value/medicinal qualities which can range from calming to energizing effects.  

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