Tangerine Whiskey Sour w/ Wild Herb CBD


  1. 1.5 oz Bourbon Whiskey

  2. 1 tsp 'Goldfinch' Simple Syrup*

  3. 1.5 oz Tangerine Juice

  4. .5 oz Lemon Juice

  5. 5 drops 'Renew' CBD Oil

Going for the extra dose of chill with this bright, citrusy cocktail by finishing it with 5 drops of 'Renew' CBD Oil. #weekendvibes Enjoy!

Recipe and photo adapted from the website

This recipe is made with *Meadowland's Simple Syrup 'Goldfinch' which has notes of honey, chamomile and vanilla that pair perfectly with this cocktail!

**Use freshly squeezed juice for this drink.

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