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Seared Ahi Appetizer with Edible Flowers & AWAKE CBD Oil

A creative way to use your Wild Herb Botanicals CBD Oil is as a culinary finishing oil.

Seared Ahi on ribbons of white cucumber and peppery arugula, marinated with local Ponzu and Green Garlic oil made by @mas_ashland, rice vinegar, and topped with pea shoots, borage from the garden, Serrano peppers, Aleppo chili flakes, Maldon flaky salt, freshly ground pepper, and drizzled with a dropper full of AWAKE CBD Oil.

Light, bright and summery refreshing!


Serves 2 as a shareable app


.75 lb of Sushi-grade Ahi

Handful of arugula

1/2 a white or regular cucumber

1 Serrano pepper

Ponzu Sauce

Rice vinegar

Green garlic oil (or can substitute chopped green onions)

Handful of pea shoots

10 borage blossoms (try your farmer's market or grow your own!)

Toasted sesame seeds

Maldon Flaky salt

Kosher salt

Freshly ground pepper

1 dropper full of AWAKE CBD Oil from Wild Herb Botanicals

Thoroughly salt (with kosher salt) and pepper the Ahi and sprinkle with toasted sesame seeds. Sear Ahi over med/high heat 90 seconds on each side, then remove and allow to rest.

Decorate a platter with the arugula leaves. Use a veggie peeler to remove the skin from half of a cucumber, and then create cucumber ribbons with the peeler. Roll up the ribbons and place down center of platter. Thinly slice (against the grain with a sharp knife) the Ahi and add to plate (resting on top of cucumber spirals). Drizzle with the Ponzu, Green Garlic Oil, and sprinkle lightly with rice vinegar. Use Maldon flaky salt to sprinkle over every piece of Ahi. Sprinkle Aleppo chili flakes over the top. Thinly slice Serrano chili and add 1-2 slices on every piece of fish. Add a few artfully placed pea shoots on top. Drizzle fish with 1 full dropper of AWAKE CBD Oil. Decorate with borage flowers. Enjoy!

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